Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Are they Beagles?

I wish that I had a dollar for each time somebody comments that Bean and Wally are a nice pair of Beagles or ask if they are both Beagles. I get the Beagle comment or question at least once a day. I told one lady that Wally is too tall to be a Beagle and that he is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. The lady did compliment Bean for being a nice looking Beagle. She was saying that most Beagles that she meets are overweight.

Last week I met up with a couple walking around the lake. The man was blind and his wife was guiding him. His wife commented that Wally is the perfect size for a guide dog. I told her that Wally is way to wacky to be a guide dog. Her husband told me that he just lost his guide dog and was in the process of getting another. I can’t imagine any type of hound making a good guide dog. I think that their noses would get them into trouble.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Talking Monkey

Wally's favorite toy is the Talking Monkey. He loves to toss it up in the air and retrieve it. It’s so funny because he tossed it at dh last night hitting dh in the head. He likes to make the monkey talk which can get really loud at bedtime. Since these toys are on sale I just ordered him a talking rooster and talking dog.

Bean’s favorite toy is his moose. I thought it was hilarious the pose that Bean put his moose in.

Oscar isn't attached to a particular toy. He likes the rope chew toys.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Long Walk

Bean and Wally scent something near the water.

Something is very interesting

One of the few times King Bean lets Wally on the couch.

Yesterday it took two hours for dh and me to walk the boys around the lake. It normally takes me 45 minutes during the week. Because it was the weekend we ran into a lot of dogs and children that wanted to greet the boys. Bean and Wally licked the face of a toddler. Actually it took me about an 1.5 hours to walk Oscar around. When we got to the docks I took a shortcut back. Oscar is really slowing down and his arthritis bothers him. It took dh an extra half hour with Bean and Wally because they ran into more dogs and kids and people that they know.

Bean is definitely the alpha dog. He owns the one sofa and rarely lets Wally or Oscar on it. Wally has claimed the love seat. We have an Ikea chair that Wally is funny about. If I sit in the chair Wally will climb into my lap and snuggle. If dh sits in the chair Wally won’t get onto dh’s lap. Wally did put his paws on dh’s lap and changed his mind. I wonder if he thinks that the chair won’t hold both him and dh.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sniff Sniff

It takes me about an hour to walk the boys 2 miles around the lake. Bean and Wally sniff just about every blade of grass, leaf, tree etc. I think that if I didn’t move the boys along that they would be content to stay and sniff one spot for the afternoon.

We met a lady walking 2 Bullmastiffs today. I asked her how much her dogs weigh. The big dog weighs 200 pounds and isn’t fully grown yet. Apparently he will get a little taller and gain about 25 more pounds. I can’t imagine having a dog that weighs twice as much as I do.

Wally is learning left and right. He runs with dh. Dh thought that it would make running easier if he can tell Wally left, right.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Big Baby

It’s so funny that my most cuddliest dog is the biggest one, Wally. Wally is a big baby. He sat in my lap on a chair watching the Olympics. When I moved to the sofa he was right there beside me with his head on my lap.

Oscar likes to be petted but he doesn’t like to snuggle. Bean will cuddle by leaning against me. It’s rare that he will let me hold him. I think that Wally thinks that he is a toy sized dog.

Dh said that when he took Wally running last night that Wally really wanted to go down the Savage trail. Apparently he must have smelled deer. Dh said that they ran into 3 herds of deer. Wally has been running every evening after work with dh.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Morning Kisses

I love the dogs greeting me when I wake up. When I start to stir they get excited. It’s nice to wake up to 3 noses in my face and kisses from my boys.

For the bedtime walk I had Oscar and dh had Wally and Bean. The 2 hounds spotted a rabbit. I think dh thought that the boys might try to rip his arms off because they really wanted to get the rabbit. It seems to me like the rabbit was teasing them. It would hop ahead about 10 feet and when the dogs would almost catch up it would do hop another 10 feet.

Wally is starting to get used to Oscar’s false alarms. Oscar will bark at anything. Wally used to go to the door and check out the window. Now when Oscar barks Wally doesn’t even bother getting up. If Bean barks Wally knows that someone really is at the door and does go to check out the window.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Today the boys and I saw swans with different colored bills. One had an orange; the other had a black bill. I didn’t realize that swans could have different colors.

Bean and Wally did a lot of extra sniffing today. There must have been some interesting smells down by the lake. Oscar will try to find the smelliest thing to roll in.

Yesterday Bean and Wally met a toddler that wanted to pet them. Both boys we’re gentle with the little kid. Wally licked his face. I’m glad that my dogs can be trusted with children.

Monday, February 20, 2006

All 3 boys

My hubby managed to get a picture of all 3 boys together earlier in the week. He was crazy enough to walk all 3 at once, dogs in one hand-camera in the other.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mud Sliding

Today at the lake Wally and Bean scented something. I was standing in mud. They pulled me off of my feet and dragged me on my stomach for a little ways. I got to wash my coat, gloves and pants when I got home.

Wally and Bean are like true brothers. One minute they’re barking at each other, the next minute they are asleep on the couch butted up against each other. Oscar tries to stay clear of the interaction between the other two.

Wally did not want to go for his bedtime walk. I think that he prefers a nice warm couch or bed.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wally's First Dinner Party

Wally had his first dinner party tonight. We had some friends over. Wally tried to work the crowd to see who would share with him. The other families attending all have dogs too so understood about Wally. We told everyone ahead of time not to feed him from the table. He is learning that food on the table is ours. He still tries to sneak some.

After dinner Wally climbed right up in his usual spot on the sofa and sat next to one of the guest who petted him the rest of the evening. Oscar sat by me and Bean sat by my hubby.

Wally let us know that he was unhappy about being crated today while dh and I went to the store. He was only crated about an hour. When I let him out he peed down the whole hallway.

We took Oscar to the vet yesterday. He definitely has arthritis. The vet said that he doesn’t have the type of pain that should have caused such a drastic change in his temperament. He is okay right now. You would never believe that he is the same dog the way he is acting so sweet and like his old self. I need to figure out what caused him to snap like he did. I figure that part of his crankiness is due to being an old man.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Warm Day

The temperature today was 58 f when I took the boys out for their noontime walk. Wally and Bean have a little fan club down at the lake. There is one guy who calls them Mutt and Jeff (???? I’m lost on this reference). There are 2 ladies that look forward to greeting them everyday. Both Wally and Bean we’re very gentle with a toddler that they met.

Oscar is going to the vet tomorrow. I want to rule out if he is in pain or has some other simple medical issue to cause him to start snapping. He went into a rage today. I’m really upset because he has been the sweetest dog. I can’t let other dogs greet him, he gets really snarky with them if they won’t back off and leave him alone. He has also started snapping and growling at Bean.

Wally has needed lots of cuddles and reassurance today. This morning he wanted belly rubs before getting out of bed. He stuck to me like glue the whole day. This evening he sat in my lap from dinner time to bedtime. Usually Bean is very protective of me but I guess that he could sense that Wally really needed me today.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Long Walk

The boys and I took a long walk today since the weather was son nice. I was surprised that we only ran into one other dog, a Brittany. It’s so funny when Wally and Bean scent something because they will stretch their bodies prone to the ground.

Wally also got to go on a 4 mile run with my husband. He insisted on going along.

I was surprised to see a guy trying to explain to his preschoolers why they shouldn’t get to close to the water and walk on the ice. If it we’re me I wouldn’t have been 20 feet away trying to reason with my kids. At that age I would have been with my kid so close to the icy water edge.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Argh Wally!!!

Wally has severe separation anxiety. Dh and I took him along on our errands. We came out from an appointment and Wally had chewed up part of the dashboard in dh’s truck. We realize now that if we take Wally with us that we will need to put him in a crate. I did order a barrier for the car but realize that he will chew the back of the car. The barrier will come in handy because it will prevent Bean from jumping into the back to tease Wally.

Wally is lucky that he’s so cute and loveable; otherwise I would have to be mad at him. He can give you the saddest eyes which makes it impossible to be upset with him. He is also a big love bug.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Wally Scare

My son helped me take the dogs for their noontime walk since he had off school today. At the end of our walk Wally’s leash uncoupled from his harness. I was in disbelief holding an empty leash. Wally took off like a shot. One of our neighbors was kind enough to drive the local neighborhoods. I managed to spot Wally near the lake but he took off again. Dh came home and we went out driving to look for Wally. Our son stayed home to man the phones in case anyone called. About a half hour into our drive our son called my dh’s cell phone. The Animal Hospital across the street had Wally. Some kids saw Wally wandering around and got him to come to them by offering him food. They than took Wally to the vet. I’m so thankful that the kids knew what to do.

Dh went to Home Depot and picked up some D rings and attached them permanently to both Bean’s and Wally’s leashes so that they cannot become uncoupled. Bean’s leash has disconnected from his harness while dh was walking him. Luckily Bean didn’t run off. I think that Bean remembers getting hit by a car when he ran off last year. The hound noses get my boys in trouble.

Wally has been stuck to me like glue since we picked him up. We also weighed him since the vet had a large scale. He weighs 46.5 pounds. He needs to gain at least 10 pounds. He has already gained weight since he has come home with us so I’m guessing he was about 40 pounds then. The vet tech was telling us that he definitely needs to gain weight. I told her that he has gained weight since coming to us.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Big Snow

Wally looks out over the water from the bridge.

Oscar loves the snow. He's trying to get Wally to play.

Bean finds a path through the snow.

It’s so funny. Wally remembered the snow from the night before and did not want to go out for his morning walk. He tried to snuggle under the covers with me and refused to budge. Dh ended up taking Oscar and Bean out; than coming back for Wally.

Poor Bean had to stay on the trail. His legs are to short to romp through the snow. He watched Oscar and Wally romping and playing. Bean did try a few times to join in but the snow was to deep.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


It snowed heavily here today.

The snow is just starting. Wally and Bean are the sniffing masters.

Bean looks at the ground starting to get wet.

Wally inspects the water.

Wally does his favorite activity, cuddling.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Dh made waffles this morning. He took off from work today so that he could attend parent teacher conferences at my son’s school. Dh put the extra waffles on a cooling rack and set them on the back of the stove. I asked dh if he thought that the waffles are safe and he assured me that they are. About 5 minutes later I hear dh saying “NO WALLY!!!” Wally had eaten all of the waffles, he had one in his mouth when dh caught him in the act. It didn’t help matters that I laughed at the situation because I had said something to dh prior. Wally is so good at giving you sad eyes too.

Dh and Wally ran 6 miles today, down the Savage trail. Wally needed to burn off the waffles.

Wally makes a great bed warmer. I was cold last night so I snuggled down further in the bed so that I could sleep next to Wally. I’m glad that Wally didn’t mind me sleeping with my head on him.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Crowded Bed

Last night we had all 3 dogs in bed with us. Bean was between dh and myself, Oscar at my feet and Wally beside dh. This is the first time that Oscar laid down on the bed with Wally.

Today on our walk we saw a dumb**s woman walking 2 Chihuahuas. I really dislike people like her. She let her dogs poop on the path and didn’t clean up. I have nothing nice to say about ignorant people like this. Next time I see her I will let my dogs take up the whole path and make her figure out how to get around me.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Running Partner

Wally ran again with dh tonight. They ran for 5 miles. Wally walked 2 miles with me earlier so he got 7 miles of walk/run in. Dh says that Wally runs really well and is learning left and right.

Right now Wally is sitting in my comfortable computer chair. Dh also pointed out that I’m letting him. :) Wally is starting to not be so antsy at feeding time. He is still eager but doesn’t jump up and put his paws on the counter.

Bean made it clear that he wanted me to walk him tonight and not dh. We both take the dogs out for their bedtime walk and just pick up the nearest leash. Bean wasn’t having any of that. I love the fact that he is my baby. Oscar is happy to go along with whomever grabs his leash.

Bean never learns

Bean got his head peed on yet again by Wally. He has also had his head peed on by Oscar. Bean is so nosy that he has to see what the other dogs are marking.

Wally was very interested in the ducks and geese that we’re walking by the lake today. Bean was more interested in the squirrels. Oscar just ambles along and sniffs, he isn’t interested in the wildlife.

Bean and Wally both like the little daschund that lives in our court. Oscar finds this dog to be to hyper.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wally Hat

Wally loves to sleep on our pillows at night. Dh and I joke that we have a Wally hat. Wally takes turns sleeping on our pillows. He will start off between dh and me, than move up to the pillows. I don’t know who snores louder, Bean or Wally.

Wally has major separation anxiety. For the most part he is never alone. My son plays high school sports and lacrosse starts this spring. I’m not quite sure how to handle Wally for the lacrosse games. I can crate him but I’m afraid that he will bark the whole time. I need to work with him and reassure him that we are coming back. I think that the poor boy has been through a lot in his life. I’m grateful that his foster mom took such good care of him and entrusted him to us. I can’t imagine anyone letting such a huge love bug go.

Bean is still very protective of me. I didn’t realize that he was such a jealous dog. Bean has accepted Wally for the most part. Wally isn’t as submissive as Oscar which is why I think that Bean still asserts himself.

We met the Portuguese Water dog again down at the lake. We also met a big lab and a medium size white dog. There was a Pitt bull walking but the owner didn’t want the dog to sniff noses. There was also a bunch of guys fishing. I wonder if they caught anything.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Jekyll and Hyde

Bean has been like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde to Wally. For the most part Bean likes Wally and loves to play and romp with him. At least once a day though Bean becomes a little monster to Wally. I think that Bean feels that he has to let Wally know that he is the alpha. I know that Bean gets very jealous if Wally comes to me for attention.

Today on our lake walk we met a Portuguese Water dog. I was surprised that the owner said that this dog will weigh about 50 pounds when fully grown. To me the dog looks very similar to a Poodle.

Both Bean and Wally we’re fascinated by the swans flapping and flying. I didn’t realize that swans could fly. The water was very choppy today due to the wind.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oscar and Wally

Oscar played tug of war with Wally today. Oscar has a rope toy and the boys we're each pulling on one end of it. Oscar actually approached Wally to play a couple of times.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Daddy and Wally

Wally and Daddy

Wally and Daddy2

Wally is definitely a Daddy's boy. He snuggled with Daddy most of the afternoon. It was raining really hard so the boys didn’t get to go on their usual long walk. Bean is a momma’s boy and Oscar is attached to our son.

Wally and Bean romped around, they played tag and wrestled. I’m glad that the boys are finally getting along. Oscar will bark while the other two are playing. We need to work with Oscar to curb his barking.

Dh and I went out to dinner tonight. Our son was home with the dogs. He said that Wally managed to turn on my oven (it’s a touch pad). After that he caught Wally licking the inside of the microwave after managing to open it. He also knocked down some cups. Apparently he was a very busy little boy while we we’re out.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Belly Rubs

Both Wally and Bean love belly rubs. Wally likes belly rubs before we get out of bed in the mornings. He gets the goofiest happy look on his face. Bean is also very good about insisting about belly rubs. He makes it seem like he is giving you his permission to pet him.

Poor Oscar sat down today on our walk. When he gets tired he will just sit down and you can’t budge him. I also don’t like to force him beyond his limits because of his age and his heart murmur.

Wally and Bean met a Beagle/Pitt mix on their walk. They also got to sniff noses with a large Poodle and a type of Shetland Sheepdog. Wally charmed a lady walking with groceries.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Harness

I bought a Sporn no pull harness for Wally yesterday. It makes a huge difference in his pulling. I picked out this harness because it has the backing of the ASPCA as a humane harness. I also like the fact that it has padded straps. I am going to buy one of these for Bean. I was thinking to myself that when Wally gets to his full weight that he will weigh more than half of what I weigh. Also, as he is gaining weight he can pull harder.

I accidentally let go of Wally’s leash today at the lake. He stayed right by my side until I noticed that I wasn’t holding his leash. He then ran about 10 feet in front of me then stopped. He waited until I almost grabbed his leash than did this again and again. He thought that this was a great game. I’m grateful that he just wanted to play and not run off.

My Babies

Wally starts to climb onto my lap.

Wally starts to get comfortable.

Wally and Bean both lean against me. They both actually stayed like this for a while.

Wally relaxes with his head on my lap.

Oscar is on the floor at the end of the sofa.

For the most part Wally and Bean are getting along. There are still one or two scuffles a day. Wally accidentally bit my leg right beneath my butt drawing blood. I didn’t realize that he was hiding behind me from Bean. I moved just as Wally was baring his teeth and getting ready to bark and snarl at Bean. Poor Wally, he looked so devastated when he realized that he had bitten me. It was a complete accident. Bean looked guilty as well, I think that he knew that he was part of the reason that I was bitten. Oscar runs out of the room and the boys are sparring.

Wally loves running with my husband. My dh takes him for about 4 miles now without stopping. Wally is capable of more but we want him to build up gradually.

Wally is also starting to fill out. His ribs aren’t so prominent and his back bone doesn’t stick out as much.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Walking side show

Bean and Wally managed to entertain people down at the lake front. Bean went to mark something and Wally decided to mark the same thing. Poor Bean ended up getting his head peed on. This amused the other people at the lake.

Wally got a new harness tonight. I bought him a no pull harness with sherpa coverings for the straps so that it won’t chafe under his legs. Dh tried it tonight and said that it makes a difference. I will try it for the bedtime walk. Dh was disappointed not to have time tonight to take Wally running. Dh has a Booster Club meeting at my son’s school.