Sunday, December 31, 2006

Party Tasters

I've been preparing for my annual New Years Party. Wally and Bean have generously offered to taste everything. Bean climbed up onto a chair and was sniffing the table while I was cleaning up. Not to worry, I wouldn't serve anything that the dogs have stuck their noses in. While cooking I have to strategically place chairs and racks around my food to keep out little noses.

Dh has taken some pictures of the dogs and the lake which I need to download. We've been busy with Christmas and New Years preperations.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Wally and Bean wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It was fun watching Wally get excited about his first Christmas with us. He loved his bouncy ball toy that makes a lot of noise while he rolls it around. Bean had a lot of fun piling all of the toys and playing keep away from Wally.

I got the new Hallmark Enterprise ornament for Christmas. It plays the original Star Trek Theme. Of course Wally thought that this was a great new toy for him. He kept trying to get the ornament.

The boys went on a fox hunt today. Dh took the boys down to the lake and saw a fox streak by right as they got to the lake path. Dh said the boys had a great time doing their yipps, bays and howls. The boys we're so excited that dh had to hang on for dear life and hope that he didn't end up face down in the mud.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scared Today lol

Bean and Wally are checking out the dock.

Wally sees something in the water.

Showing off how handsome mommy's boy is.

I had a really good scare today. I was in the kitchen and my boys we’re watching me as usual. I didn’t hear my son come in. I heard a voice ask, “what cha cooking?” I jumped out of my skin. I thought that one of the dogs had asked me the question. My son and I had a good laugh.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wally's first Christmas Bake

Today was my big baking day for Christmas. A friend of mine came over to dip chocolates, a tradition that we've had for quite a few years. Wally was really over whelmed by all of the smells. He offered to sniff test everything. Wally spent most of the afternoon laying on my friend's feet supervising her truffle making skills.

We got a couple of pizzas for dinner. In the chaos Wally managed to knock down mys son's pizza.

Wally heard a squeaky toy on tv. He got all excited and tried to find the toy. Bean and Wally will get some talking toys for Christmas.

My friend noticed that Bean is my little shadow and follows me every where. :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

pillow fluffing

Bean is mad at me for snuggling with Wally. Bean can hold a grudge for a long time.

Bean shares Wally's couch. Bean is the king and gets on Wally's couch whenever he wants unlike Wally. Wally has to get permission from Bean to get on Bean's couch.

Today I was fluffing my pillows while dh was getting into bed. Wally promptly laid down on both of my pillows after rearranging them to his liking. I know that Wally is thinking good, she knows how to fluff the pillows for me.

Today was a nice day, hard to believe that it's almost Christmas. The boys and I walked around the lake. They enjoyed sniffing in the warm weather.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today the boys and I had most of the lake to ourselves. The weather change has greatly reduced the leisure walkers. About halfway through our walk we met a Beagle-Chihuahua mix. This dog was a real cutie. The dog was slightly bigger than a Chihuahua but had Beagle coloring. The ears we're longer than a Chihuahua but still stuck out instead of flopping. Bean and Wally really liked this beautiful girl.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Wally and Bean saw some squirrels right outside our frontdoor. As soon as I took them outside they made a mad dash for the tree trying to catch the squirrels. Wally did his hound bark which started the hounds that live at the top of the stree to start in with their arooos. There are 2 beagles and a bassett hound that live at the top of our street.

My dad is in the hospital waiting to have surgery on the 11th of this month. It's really iffy weather or not he will actually come home.