Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 and 3 years-YEAH

Both of my boys came to live with us in January. Bean has now been with us 3 years and Wally 2. We will celebrate this weekend. I also need to bug dh to transfer his pictures from his laptop to my drive so that I can post how cute my boys are. It's obvious that I'm not biased in my opinion lol.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bean dislikes American Idol

Bean really dislikes the shrilly singers that try out for AI. There we're a bunch of bad singers shown in a row. Bean was frowning and covering his ears. He finally got up and showed his displeasure by peeing in the hallway.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wally the Party Animal

Wally decided that he would rather hang out with ds (teenager) and his friends rather than go to bed. Poor Daddy couldn't sleep without Wally. After reading for a while dh came into the computer room to ask me if Wally was with me. I told him no, he is down stairs partying with the gang.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Snug Bugs

Bean is on the trail of an interesting scent.

Wally loves the sound of his voice.

The boys pose for Daddy.

Dh was home today so that we could take it easy celebrating his birthday. The dogs enjoyed chilling out with us and snuggling on the sofas. Bean is so cute when he snores and runs in his sleep while curled up against me.

Wally the Pillow

Wally let me use him as a pillow today while watching tv. He's such a snuggle bug. Bean will snuggle but rarely likes to be held.

We walked to the pond today. It was cold and windy, the boys had their jackets on. Usually the boys want to go a lot further than the pond but didn't object when I headed for home. I was turning into a Popsicle.

My son had some friends over for pizza yesterday. Wally attached himself to one guy, "J." When J first started to visit (a few years ago) he was a little wary of dogs. Wally wanted to make J like him so would run up to him for pets every time he visited. J eventually warmed up to Wally and would even "sneak" him treats. It's so funny how Wally just adores this guy. It's nice to how Wally helped J get over his apprehension about dogs.

Wally wanted to play ball today. I tossed him the ball and Bean fetched it and promptly lay down with the ball between his paws. Bean loves teasing Wally.