Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's Play Ball

Wally smiles, Daddy is getting ready to play ball.

Wally fetched the ball.

Wally plays keep away from Daddy.

Wally loves play time with Daddy. Wally's idea of a great ball game is to have Daddy chase him, playing keep away from Daddy. Wally is very good at catching the ball when Daddy throws it to him.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pc has been down

My pc crashed so was out of blogging commission for a while.

I think that my two boys are the only dogs that love the mailman. Our regular mail carrier ,"L" was on vacation for a few weeks. When L was outside our door putting mail in the community box the boys got really excited. I took them out to say Hi to L. The boys ran right up to him to get their pets.

The boys are going to be disappointed when ds starts school next week. They have gotten used to having someone home with them in the morning while I'm at work. It figures that we have to lock the stove and oven because Wally knows how to open the oven and also turn on the stove.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wally burns the Waffle Iron

Dh made waffles for breakfast. Our stove is a smooth top so dh placed the waffle iron on the stove top. We went out for ice cream in the afternoon. Upon entering the house we noticed a funny odor. Wally managed to turn the stove on. The base of the waffle iron is plastic so the bottom melted. In order to turn on the stove you have to push the knob in while turning. This is dh's favorite waffle iron (professional flip style). I'm grateful that the dogs we're ok and that the house didn't catch on fire. Wally is such a daddy's boy that dh couldn't be upset. It was cute that dh made the comment that Wally knew that the waffles came from the waffle iron so Wally decided to try and make some waffles.

Wally knows how to manipulate his daddy. Dh set up his chair and pillows, than set up the dvd player. When he went to sit down Wally was curled up in the chair looking very comfortable. Dh ended up sitting on the floor the whole time. Wally has a favorite chair that sits in the corner. If dh sits in it Wally will come up and look at dh with a pleading look. Dh always gives in and lets Wally have his special chair. Dh would be devestated if anything ever happened to Wally (as would our son and myself).

Monday, August 06, 2007

feeding time

I love the way Bean's ears are flopping.

Dh and I saw the movie Underdog this weekend. I enjoyed watching the dog. I realize that it's a kid's movie based on a cartoon so didn't mind the plot holes, etc. I think that a lot of critics we're to harsh.

It's so cute, at bedtime Wally will climb in bed and fluff my pillows to suit himself. He looks so cute and comfortable so there is no way that I can make him move. :)