Monday, May 29, 2006

Cuddly dogs

I've had a terrible head cold all weekend. Wally and Bean have been very comforting. Both boys laid on the sofa with me and also on the bed. Wally normally follows dh every where. Wally knew that I needed him and followed me around today. Bean even let Wally on his sofa with us.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Toys

Bean's ear flaps as he walks.

Wally was very happy when his new toys arrived today. I got him another talking rooster, also a talking duck, parrot and cow. It's so cute because Wally always takes a toy with him to bed. Wally likes toys that make noise. Bean likes the rope chew toys.

Bean did not like me giving Wally belly rubs. Bean snubbed me for a few hours, he wouldn't even look at me. Bean is ok with a few pets on my part to Wally, not a whole bonding session, especially when dh is home. I think that Bean figures when dh is home that Wally should be getting his attention from dh.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wally Hugs

I told Wally that I needed a hug this morning and he actually understood me. He came up to me and rested his head and body against me giving me doggy hugs. I just ordered him some more talking toys. I got him another rooster, this was his favorite toy. I also got him a cat, parrot and cow. I like how the noises sound like real animals. This time though I will only have one talking toy out at a time. It didn't take very long for Wally to destroy the talking monkey, puppy and rooster. I should by stock in this toy company.

I love how Bean is my little shadow. He gave me very dirty looks today when I went to the grocery store. Bean can sure hold a grudge.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poison Ivy

Wally has a happy smile.

Wally and Bean play chase.

Both boys scented something today. Wally actually howled and Bean did his excited yip. The boys took off running and since they we’re on the same scent they managed to pull me along. I ended up losing my balance and rolling into a big patch of poison ivy that was off to the side. I am very allergic to poison ivy, I usually have to take steroids if I break out. I immediately took the dogs home to wash up and change clothes. The boys felt like they we’re gypped out of a full walk. As soon as the boys realized that we we’re headed for home they started walking very slowly.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Balancing Act

Bean takes me for a walk.

Wally decides to balance on a log.

The log starts to sink. Wally scrambles to shore.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Crowded lake

Wally enjoys wading in the pond.

The lake has gotten very crowded since the weather is so nice. I've started walking alternate trails to get a 2 mile walk in with the boys everyday. Wally also runs about 4 miles with dh after work. One route that the boys enjoy is walking to a small pond. The boys love to sniff the perimeter. Wally enjoys going in the water to see what may be lurking.

Another trail that we take is a sparsely traveled path used mostly by runners and bikers. The trail is part of the 2 mile or 10k challenge used by the striders running group. There is a nice clear area where the stream gets deep and clear that Wally can swim in.

I am impressed with Wally and his progress. He behaved like a little gentleman last night with my craft group. It was my turn to host. When he first came home I couldn't trust him not to steal unguarded food. I set up a card table with all of the food and Wally didn't try to stick is snout on the table or jump up on the table. In the beginning of Wally’s time with us I would catch him standing on the table. It was a funny site so I would end up laughing and not be able to scold him.

Both Wally and Bean tried to charm the ladies into giving them food. Their pleading looks actually worked a few times. Everyone in the group has at least one dog; most of us have at least two so we are all suckers for each others dogs.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Wally and Bean enjoy walking one of the trails.

Wally has been fascinated by the trees lately. I think that he smells some animals living in the trees. Lately he really sniffs the tree right outside the house with his nose in the air. He also sniffs some of the trees down by the lake in the same fashion.

Today on our walk we met a lady walking a very overweight Lab. For some reason Wally did not like this dog.

Bean is such a nut. Whenever dh pulls out the camera indoors dh might get in one shot. Bean will glare at dh and leave the room.

Wally enjoyed playing monkey in the middle with dh and son. Wally actually managed to get the toy quite a few times.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy dogs

Wally is giving a happy "Arooo."

Bean with a nice smile.

Bean gives a great big yawn.

Dh took some pictures this past weekend. I think that the boys enjoyed their walk.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wally the Extortionist

Where's Bean?

When Wally sees me getting into bed Wally will sprawl on my part of the bed. He makes sure that there isn’t any wiggle room for me. He than rolls onto his back and wants belly rubs. If I stop petting Wally before he thinks belly rub time should be over he will poke my arm. After about 5 minutes he will roll over and give me space to get into bed. It’s so hilarious, I know that he is smiling and laughing at me. Wally figured out how to extort me for belly rubs.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I got an email from a rescue site that I had joined. Apparently 2 Beagles that had been rescued from Hurricane Katrina had been shot in their own back yard. Some dumb sob&*@# said that he felt threatened when they barked at him through their own fence.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Baby Geese

Bean overseeing his kingdom.

Wally enjoying the shade.

A family of geese.

The weather was gorgeous today. Cool, no humidity and sunny. We saw two geese families.

Wally managed to get pancake batter dumped on his head. He was “helping” me load the dishwasher. He managed to get his head inside the dishwasher as I had the pancake batter bowl that I was loading. There was a few ounces left in the bowl, just enough to cover Wally’s head.

Wally is not shy about letting me know that he wants belly rubs or petting. He’ll take his paw, raise it up and let it fall full weight on my shoulder. J Last night as I was getting into bed Wally was sprawled all across my space. He promptly let me know that it was belly rub time. Whenever I stopped he would poke me with his paw. When he thought that I had sufficiently paid my dues he rolled over and gave me space to get into bed. I love this big guy.

Bean loves to get attention from passersby on our walks. He seems to especially like elderly women.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lake Pictures

Bean inspects the water.

Wally and Bean checking out their domain.

Wally with his nose in the air.

Wally craning his neck.

Wally being floppy on his couch.

Bean overlooks the lake at twilight.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


There is a lady who has started to hang around the lake. She has two large labs that are not on leashes. She has turned into an every day fixture since the weather has gotten warmer. She brings her dogs to the lake because they love to swim. Wally gets really jealous when he sees the labs swimming. I’ve told this lady several times that I can’t let Wally off leash to swim because his hound nose gets him into trouble.

Wally adores playing fetch, especially going into the water to retrieve things. This woman had a ball that she was getting ready to throw. She had just arrived with her dogs. I asked her nicely if she could wait one minute while I pass with my dogs because Wally wouldn’t be able to resist going after the ball. Nope, she couldn’t wait. She threw the ball and her labs and Wally went chasing after it. Luckily Bean dislikes water and is very strong. The two of us we’re pulling against Wally. Because Wally was so determined he was winning the tug of war. This lady’s friend came over and helped us. She grabbed Wally and pulled back. I panicked because she managed to unloosen Wally’s harness. Luckily she held onto his collar while I buckled him back up.

After getting Wally back to the path I noticed that a bunch of spectators had gathered. One was mumbling something about me not being able to control my dogs. At this point Bean decided to let Wally know how displeased he was. Bean lunged and snarled at Wally. The two labs came running and the dumb $%^^woman is muttering about my dogs. I was too busy getting the boys to calm down and get them apart. At least this stupid $%^&woman’s friend told her that she was very rude because she deliberately threw the ball.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Annoyed Doggies

Wally and Bean go through the underbrush.

Bean exploring.

Wally surveys the lake.

I had to go to an appointment today so unfortunately had to crate Wally. He knows that when I start stuffing his kong with peanut butter and treats that he is going to get crated. Luckily this is a very rare occasion. As soon as I pulled the kong out Wally ran and hid. I chopped up a few pieces of hotdog and put them in his crate. Wally couldn’t resist. He tried to run into the crate and grab the hotdogs, than escape before I could shut the door. When he realized that he was shut in he gave me an indignant woof woof.

Bean was giving me the pitiful how could you leave me look. I really don’t like leaving my boys.