Friday, March 31, 2006

Horde of Kids

Wally and Bean got an abbreviated lake walk due to me having the flu. The weather was gorgeous. There we’re two ladies with their day care charges walking around the lake. I was really surprised that these ladies let the kids run up and surround my dogs. These kids we’re all preschoolers. Luckily Wally and Bean like kids and we’re very patient. I wonder though, if one of the kids had been nipped what the repercussions to the dogs would be. Both my boys we’re on leashes, the kids clearly not under control by their watchers.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Boys

Today on our lake walk a toddler ran up to Wally and wrapped his arms around his neck. The kid than squeezed really hard. Wally just stood there and wagged his tail. When the kid let go Wally put his nose into the kid's face giving him a friendly nuzzle. The kid than moved on to Bean patting his head very hard. Bean stood there very patiently. I think that the mom was impressed with my boys.

Yesterday we ran into a lady walking a little fluffy dog. The boys enjoyed sniffing. I started to pet the dog and Wally got jelous. He got between the other dog and myself and barked at me.

My boys we're very comforting tonight. I came down with the flu. Bean let Wally join us on the sofa. Wally stetched out on top of me and wrapped his paws around me like a big hug. Bean layed on my legs near my feet because Wally is almost as tall as I am when he stretches out.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Poor Wally had the hiccups today. His whole body would jump with each hiccup. Once again somebody asked me if he is a purebred Beagle. Yesterday someone commented, “Wow, that’s a huge Beagle.”

When it gets warm at night Bean won’t sleep on the bed. He has a special pillow that he sleeps on. Bean is also a little brat to Wally. Bean has his own sofa that he rarely lets the other dogs on. Wally has adopted the love seat. Bean will jump on and off Wally’s seat anytime he pleases to show Wally whose the boss.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Today Wally and Bean got to meet 2 Beagles on our walk around the lake. One Beagle was 15 years old.

It was sad, we got to the opposite end of the lake from where we live. We saw work crews removing a knocked down light pole. Over the weekend a student was killed when they wrecked their car. This student went to my son's highschool. Another student was killed and the other 3 passangers are okay. I feel so bad for the families of these kids. I saw where someone had erected a memorial on a tree by the fallen light.

Wally decided to sit on my book today. He wanted me to pay attention to him. :) He's so soft and cuddley. He climbed on my lap and sat right on my book lol. Bean and Oscar will poke me with their paws when they want attention.

Wally is getting very good about sitting before he eats. When he first came home he was so anxious abut eating. Dh would have to hold him while I put his food down. He has also learned to sit for a treat. He's also very smart about learning left and right.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Wally sniffs something interesting.

Wally pursues the scent.

Dh had the last week off of work so we took the dogs exploring the different trails around the lake. We went a different way everyday. The dogs loved going off trail. Bean and Wally are the sniffing kings. Oscar is very good and will sit off to the side if the other two boys decide to follow a scent.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oscar Help

I make the boys sit before I give them treats. Bean did not want to sit so Oscar reached over with his paw and pushed Bean's butt down. Oscar has done this before. I don't blame Oscar for getting impatient with Bean.

Poor Wally is trying his hardest to get his Rooster to bark. His rooster has no more filling and the sound maker is broken. It's basically a cloth shell. I will have to order him another one. I will probably order at least 3 the next time.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Briars and Brambles

Today was Bean and Wally’s day to go where they wanted. We walked towards the pond and the boys scented something. Bean was doing the excited yip when he scents something and Wally was doing his I found something bark. It’s so funny because both boys run really low to the ground almost fully stretched out when they are following a scent. The boys pulled us through briars, brambles and mud. It’s so funny because when we returned to the path and the boys we’re still carrying on a man had to come out on his deck to check out what the commotion was.

Wally was having such a good time that he managed to break his harness. Luckily one side held so he couldn’t run off. Dh said that he was reminded of being on a fox hunt. He used to do photos for the MD Foxhunting club. Apparently Bean makes the same yip that the Foxhounds make when they are on a scent.

I got my stitches out this morning. My regular doctor was out this week so I saw a colleague of hers, the same one that checked my cut this past Tues. I had told her before that Bean is not viscous and that the bite was an accident. She asked me again today if I was sure about Bean. I am not going to put him down. If he would bite a child I would have no choice. Also if he bit an adult without any provocation.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Reverse Sneezing

Bean has been reverse sneezing a lot, especially last night. The first time he did this right after we got him I panicked. It sounds like an asthma attack. I was relieved to learn that this is a Beagle trait and it was nothing to worry about.

Wally decided that I didn’t need to do sudoku today. He put his paws and head on my book.

Oscar enjoyed getting attention from both my son and his girlfriend. Oscar decided to jump up on the sofa between the two and enjoy the pets.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Stressed Bean

Poor Bean has had an upset stomach today and diarrhea. I had to go to the allergy doctor today to get re-tested. I think that Bean may have thought that I was abandoning him because of the bite incident last night.

Bean has been stuck to me like glue since last night. He has been very subdued. I hope that he returns to his bossy old self tomorrow. It pains me to see him walking around so sad.

Here are some pictures from yesterdays walk.

Oscar and Wally

Wally sticks his head through the bridge.

Wally and Bean march across the bridge.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Upsetting :(

I’m really upset because I had to report a dog bite. :( Bean and Wally still get into an alpha struggle a few times a day (Bean starts the incidents). For the most part they get along fine. I was in between the boys. Bean was sitting on one sofa with me; Wally was sitting on the other. I didn’t realize that Bean was going to lunge for Wally. I moved and Bean managed to get my upper lip. I have a cut that includes my upper lip and about halfway to my nose in the shape of a crescent.

I had to go to the emergency room and get eight stitches. The Hospital makes you fill out a dog bite form; regardless if the dog is your own. I’m not unhappy with Bean. I’m really unhappy about Bean having a bite record. Bean is not a vicious dog.

When dh and I left for the hospital Bean was scared and shaking. Our son said that he ran and hid after we left. All three dogs have been very subdued this evening since getting back from the hospital. They all wanted to sniff my wound.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

How Often?

A few nights ago we ran into a neighbor as we we’re walking the dogs for their bedtime walk. She asked us, “Do you take your dogs out twice a day?” I told her that the dogs go walking 4 times a day. She seemed really surprised and asked if we felt like we we’re spending a lot of time walking the dogs. I told her “No, that I enjoy my time with the dogs and we enjoy our walks together.” I also told her that it would be very cruel to only take them out twice a day. She seemed really surprised by this fact.

The dogs have definite ideas about where they want to go. Today they dragged my dh and me down to the pond to do some major sniffing. Wally even attempted yet again to drag dh into the muddy marshy area.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Wally has been having quite a day today. I finished fixing my hair and heard a chewing sound. Wally had chewed up one of my favorite SciFi books.

Wally tried to heard the ducks and geese into the lake as we we’re walking around. We than ran into a guy walking his Beagle. My boys have met up with this Beagle before and like to sniff and play with him. I was talking to the guy and I heard him say “What the…?!!!” Wally had cocked his leg and was marking the guys leg!

Wally is now cuddling with me on my computer chair looking all sweet and innocent. He must have woken up in an impish mood today.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Furry Critter

Today Wally and Bean spotted a small furry critter about the size of a rabbit. I think that it was a groundhog. The critter ran across the path into the underbrush. The boy’s noses went crazy. Both boys we’re stretched out prone to the ground. The hounds really wanted to catch this little animal. Both Wally and Bean ducked into the underbrush, howling, baying and high pitched yips. It was a lot of fun letting the boys scent for a while. Of course I would have been mortified if they actually caught the little critter.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Pictures

Oscar smiles by the lake.

Bean with a huge smile by the pond.

Wally with a smile by the pond.

Wally spots some ducks at the lake.

Wally really wants to follow a scent.

Monday, March 13, 2006

old pictures

I was sifting through some old pictures of Oscar and Bean before we got Wally.

King Bean decided that dh makes a good pillow for naptime.

Oscar is curious what I'm getting for Christmas.

Bean is unhappy having to wear a cone. He darted out the door the first week that we brought him home and got hit by a car. His back leg was in a sling for a while.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Today we walked Oscar, Bean and Wally to the little pond that is located near the lake. With the weather being so nice the lake gets to crowded on the weekends. Bean and Wally love to sniff around the perimeter of the pond.

Wally nearly dragged dh down a huge hill going after a scent. If he would have managed both dh and Wally would have ended up in a marshy area of black sticky mud. Poor Bean got his ear caught in some brambles. I heard Bean crying about the same time that dh did. Dh extracted Bean’s ear without causing any injury.

Wally went running today early evening after the temp. started to go down. It’s so funny, Wally gets annoyed if he sees dh in his running gear and he doesn’t get to go along.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dog Beach

Wally meets up with his Foster Mom (on right) and friends.

Wally is happy to see his Foster Mom

Wally enjoys playing fetch with dh.

Wally enjoying the water.

We took Bean and Wally to Downs Park since the weather was in the 70’s f. today. The lady who rescued and fostered Wally works there. Wally was happy to see his foster mom. I’m so grateful that she took such good care of Wally and entrusted us with him.

We took the boys down to the dog beach. Wally loves the water. He loved playing fetch with dh. I think that Wally would have done this all day if he could. It’s so funny because dh ended up in the water getting his pants and shoes completely wet. We had a hard time convincing Wally that it was time to go home.

Bean sniffed along the beach than settled down on a cement wall by me to watch the other dogs play. Bean doesn’t enjoy the water.

Oscar stayed home with our son. His arthritis bothers him to walk very far. I think that he may have enjoyed some quiet time away from the energetic youngsters.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Let's Run

Wally hinted to dh today about running as soon as dh came home from work. It’s nice that Wally enjoys running. Dh had to cut the run short. Apparently Wally must have stepped on something or moved a leg wrong. Dh said that Wally started to limp and that his gate was off. Wally’s paws we’re fine, dh even spread the paw pads apart to make sure that there was nothing lodged there. Wally seemed okay for his bed time walk.

It was 65 f. when I took the boys for their noon time walk. I’m surprised that we didn’t run into any other dogs at the lake. I had to keep Wally and Bean away from the picnic area down by the docks. There was a man eating McDonalds and I could tell that the boy’s noses we’re really twitching.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Questions

Today on our lake walk I got the usual “is Wally a Beagle?” question. Today a lady asked me if he was half Beagle half Dalmatian. There was a couple walking around whom obviously assume that I couldn’t speak English. They we’re commenting to themselves that the little one is definitely a Beagle. The guy than went on to speculate that Wally must be a defective Beagle. He commented how maybe Wally’s leg grew wrong since his legs are to long for a Beagle. I finally spoke up and told them that Wally is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. The look on this couple’s face was priceless. As I was walking a way I could hear the guy muttering, “I can’t believe it, she understood me.”

Today the boys got to meet and greet a Cocker Spaniel, something like a Springer Spaniel, a Pitbull, a white fluffy dog and 3 Grey Hounds walking together.

It was nice that one woman commented that Wally has gained weight and looks a lot better since she saw him a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Friends

Today Wally, Bean and I met a lady walking 2 little dogs at the lake. My boys sniffed noses and liked these dogs. I got talking to the lady and found out that she just lost a dog a week ago. She was telling me how much the loss still hurts. I think that she was glad to be able to talk to someone who really likes and values doggy companionship.

The lady was happy to find out that my 3 dogs are all rescues. All 3 (now 2) of her dogs are rescues too. We ended up walking together about halfway around the lake. It was nice to meet a new friend. We agreed that we would try to walk together with our dogs in the future.

Poor Oscar limps along on his walks. The Rimadyl is working but not as well as it did the first dose. I’m starting to get really worried because Oscar will sit down on his walk when he gets tired. The worrisome thing is that he shakes when he rest on his walk. He is 12 years old now. I’m having a hard time accepting that he is slowing down.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Bean and Wally distract me from Sudoku.

Bean, Oscar and Wally want to go for a walk.

Wally smells something interesting.

Wally spotted a groundhog at the lake today. Wally really wanted to get the groundhog. The groundhog sat under a tree staring at Wally. I think that the groundhog knew that Wally was on a leash.

Bean and Wally met a half Beagle Bluetick hound mix. The owner was a nice guy, he was interested in Wally’s anti pull harness.

I saw one guy with 4 dogs, none of them on a leash. It was also clear that this guy doesn’t clean up after his dogs. I really dislike irresponsible dog owners. He was also talking to his dogs in a nasty way. People that can’t be nice to their dogs are scum in my book.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Bean and Oscar with the rope toys.

Oscar is chewing Wally's toy.

Wally's favorite toy: The Talking Rooster.

Oscar and Wally play tug of war.

It was really embarrassing when my son(ds) walked in this evening. Dh was out walking the dogs. My son comes in and says “Hello.” I had to ask him, “are you Dh or ds?” He says, “it’s me.” I told him that I couldn’t tell just by the voice. I actually had to go look because ds enjoyed teasing me and not telling me who.

The Rimadyl for Oscar’s arthritis worked well for him. Oscar actually jumped around and played. By this evening the medicine was wearing off, Oscar started to limp and shuffle again. Oscar seemed very happy this morning to have a pain free walk.

Friday, March 03, 2006


We got a prescription for Oscar for his arthritis. We are trying Rimadyl for a month, than we will reevaluate with the vet weather or not it’s working. Poor Oscar shuffles along on his walks.

Wally loves his runs with dh. Apparently Wally trots, he never really has to go into a hard run. Dh enjoys having a running partner.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Wally and Bean scented a rabbit tonight on their bedtime walk. Both boys have musical barks. They we’re both baying and barking. Bean made a noise that a Foxhound makes when it scents something.

The boy’s noontime walk got cut short today. The boys and I walked down to the docks and it started to rain heavy. It figures, I get the boys home and the rain stops.

It was so cute. I came to bed last night and there was Wally asleep with his talking dog.

Wally could tell that I was having a nightmare last night. I woke up feeling horrified. Wally butted himself against me and put his head on me as if to say “I’m here, it’s okay.” For some reason Bean was on the other side of dh. Bean is usually nestled against my legs.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Talking Rooster

Wally’s talking Rooster and talking Dog arrived today. Wally’s favorite toy is now the talking Rooster. He’s been throwing it and chasing it all evening. He also likes to make it crow. Bean was teasing Wally by making the Monkey talk. Wally would go after the Monkey and Bean would make the Rooster talk.

Bean sounds like a snorting pig when he scents something and starts tracking. He and Wally love going to the pond to sniff. Both boys started baying and howling when they scented something interesting a few days ago at the pond.

Oscar is really slowing down and walks like an old man. He will be 12 this spring.