Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reason for Neglect

I realize that I have neglected posting for a while. Things have been really crazy around here. My son's graduation was today and we spent the last few days preparing for guest. It figures though, son woke up blind. Dh spent the morning talking to the insurance companies and various doctors. The eye doc. said that ds needed to see an ophthalmologist. I was trying not to panic imagining all kinds of worse case scenarios. Luckily the blindness is temporary and should pass in a few days (still won't be able to see all that great). Ds got some prescription eye drops and should be completely healed in a few weeks. To top off ds' experience the poor kid missed his own graduation due to going to the doc. The important thing though is the fact that he won't be permanently blind.

The other thing going on is that my father is very ill, he will probably pass away any day now so things have been very tense around here.

Bean and Wally are being true gentlemen, behaving very nicely and comforting me.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Aren't I cute?

Bean is so funny. If I catch him being naughty (trying to sneak into the food container, chewing laundry, etc) he will crouch down and lean on one shoulder with his head turned towards his rear. He than raises his paw and waves it in his please pet me gesture. Of course this makes it impossible to be upset with him. I will try to get a picture of this sometime.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visit to the Grandparents

Last week Wally completed the beginner obedience class. It's funny because you could tell that the dogs we're so proud when they received their certificates. Bean has learned how to target by observing Wally.

On Fri. we went down to visit my parents. My dad is very ill and truth be told probably won't be around much longer. The boys we're so good at my parents, they could sense the need to be quiet and not run around the house. Wally followed my dad around and laid on the sofa with him for most of the day. It's cute because when we left my dad suggested that we let Wally stay with him. Wally could tell that my dad was comforted by having a dog lay on him.

Bean will take any opportunity to get to the dog food container. If the cupboard is ajar, or the dog food not shut tight Bean will seize the moment and chow down. Hounds have such great personalities.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Doggy Beach Part 2

Wally greets his Foster Mom.

Wally and Bean pose with Wally's Foster Mom.

Wally with a regal look, Bean with a smile.

Bean enjoys attention from Wally's Foster Mom.

Last Saturday dh & I took the boys to the dog Beach where Wally's former Foster Mom (FM) works. Wally loved playing fetch and dragging Daddy into the water. Dh thought that me might get his feet wet but Wally had other plans lol. Wally managed to make dh get his shorts wet. Bean does not like getting wet so stayed on the beach with me.

Wally loved seeing his FM, the wonderful lady who rescued him from a shelter just in time. I can't imagine anyone putting this wonderful boy down. Bean enjoyed getting attention from
Wally's FM too. I am so happy that she trusted us enough to allow us to add Wally to our family. Wally makes us all very happy, especially his Daddy since he is definitely a Daddy's boy.

Doggy Beach Part 1

Lets Get started Daddy.

Wally waits for Daddy to throw the stick.

Wally brings the stick back.

Dh is the usual photographer, I took over today: hence the blurry pictures.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Walk by the River part 2

Wally fetches a stick.

Wally doing his favorite activity, swimming.

Bean and Wally sniff out the window.

Wally enjoys sniffing.

Today dh and I took the boys on a walk by a river. We met one of my coworkers, Mr. "T" and his wife and dogs. Wally had a great time swimming and playing fetch.

Wally cut the bottom of his back left paw, a thorn had gotten stuck. Thanks Mr. "T" for doing a pad check and extracting the thorn. Wally is doing ok, he is not limping.

Bean preferred to stay on the shoreline. He does not like swimming.

Walk by the River part 1

Wally plays fetch with Daddy

Wally wants Daddy to throw the stick.

Bean & Wally explore.

Mrs. "T" & her dog.

Mr. "T" and his dogs.

I have to many pictures so have to continue in part 2.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The best dogs

Bean and Wally are learning how to walk really well on leash. Both boys will walk beside me the majority of the time (barring a really fresh scent such as the groundhog). I got an adjustable leash with clips on both ends (euro lead) that works really well.

So far Wally knows sit, sit stay (doesn't like to stay but humors me), down, stand and shake. He is also learning how to jump through a hula hoop. One thing that Wally and I need to work on is down stay. I'm supposed to be able to move around while the dog stays. Wally will stay as long as I'm in his direct line of site. I'm really proud of how far Wally has come and don't mind that he isn't learning his stays as well as the training instructor thinks that he should. I just wish that the trainer could see how much Wally has accomplished. Wally really wants to please me.

Bean will sit when told, he doesn't get the concept of down. I wonder if it's because his hip bothers him but wonder if it also hurts him to sit.