Friday, October 27, 2006

Stubborn Pups

Both boys dislike the cold rainy weather. Dh took them out for their after dinner walk. Both boys walked about 2 houses away, than made a beeline right back to the door. Neither boy did anything. For their bed time walk dh couldn't get them to leave our own sidewalk. I hope that these guys have super bladders.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sudoku Help

Early evening at the lake.

Wally hugs his Daddy.

Bean helps me with Sudoku.

If I pick up a Sudoku or a Crossword puzzle Bean will come over to "help."

On our walk today Bean & Wally met up with their friend Fred, the blue tic Beagle. Fred's person was telling me that the groundhog was out down by the dam. Fred really wanted to catch it and almost suceeded. A few minutes later when the boys & I approached the dam the groundhog was out sunning itself. Bean and Wally chased the G.hog. I think that the G.Hog likes to tease the dogs, it will let the dogs get near than dive into the brambles at the last moment.

I'm just amazed by how many people think that I must be unsure of myself when I tell them that Wally and Bean are 2 seperate Breeds. I wish that I had a dollar for each time somebody exclaims, "but they look so muck alike-the same coloring and everything."

Friday, October 20, 2006

The best Dogs

Bean smells a squirrel or a rabbit.

Wally gives a big smile to show how much he is enjoying his walk.

A few days ago I was ill and feeling dizzy. Wally came beside me and steadied me as I walked to the sofa. He jumped up and sat beside me to help prop me up. Bean didn't protest to Wally being on his sofa to help me. Bean laid down on the other side of Wally. Normally Bean would give Wally a huge correction for trying to lay next to me on Beanie's couch. I was feeling cold and didn't have the energy to get up and get a blanket. I laid down and Wally promptly laid his body down my length to keep me warm. Bean put his head on my feet to keep them warm.

Normally the dogs want to walk at least 2 miles for their noontime walk. Because I was feeling ill they both ran out front, did their thing and made a beeline for the door. I have the most compassionate dogs. :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

finally, pictures 2. Wally

Wally poses by the dock.

Wally runs full speed after something he scented, I suspect a rabbit.

Wally gets distracted and lets Bean and myself get ahead.

I posted Bean pictures in my previous post. Blogger limits the size of post.

finally, pictures 1. Bean

Bean rest in the shade.

Bean says "lets go Mom."

Bean trots along.

I need to post pictures of Wally in a seperate post, Blogger limits the amount that can be loaded in one post.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bugging dh for pictures

Dh has taken some cute dog pictures this past week. I've been bugging him to transfer them from his laptop to our pc so that I can post them.

Dh caught Wally's tail with his laptop cables. Poor wally yelped. Dh felt really bad. Luckily there wasn't any injury.

A few nights ago dh thought that he would go for a short run so wouldn't take Wally. Wally saw dh put on running clothes and went to the door all excited ready to run. Wally isn't going to let dh go running without him.

Today I got to listen to Wally and Bean howling together at the door. I noticed that someone had approached the door but didn't bother knocking. I'm glad that people know that we have dogs.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poor Bean

Yesterday I accidently shut the door on Bean's snout. He yelped, I felt really terrible. Today dh stepped on Bean's paw. Luckily Bean wasn't injured in either incident.

Today Bean and Wally got into a dominance battle. Wally managed to nip Bean's ear. Poor Wally has been nipped by Bean in the past, I'm surprised that this is the first time that Wally managed to nip Bean. The dominance battles happen are decreasing in frequency. At first we couldn't leave Wally & Bean unsupervised, the battles we're several times a day. They than decreased to once a day (at dinner time), than about once a week. Now they rarely happen. Today I think that Wally had inadvertently gotten to close to Bean in the hallway and managed to startle Bean.

Bean has been very clingy to me today.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keep Away

Bean inspects a Mushroom.

Wally's favorite game to play with me is keep away with a tennis ball. When we return from our noontime walk I'll tell him to go get his ball. He will fetch his ball and stand in front of me. I'll than tell him that "I'm going to get the ball." Wally will then run down the hallway with me chasing him. He will let me touch the ball but won't give it up. After chasing him again he will jump onto the sofa. He will "try" to keep the ball away from me. After getting the ball I will throw it and we have a nice game of fetch. If I forget to initiate the game after our walk Wally will get his tennis ball and drop it at my feet.

Yesterday I let the boys take their time going around the lake since it was so nice outside. I figure that we won't have many nice days left. What is normally a 45-50 minute walk took an 1.5 hours.