Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Enjoying the Weather

Bean gives a nice smile.

Wally is after a rabbit or squirrel.

The boys and I have been enjoying the warm weather. It's suppossed to get a lot colder by the end of the week.

My dad is in the hospital and probably won't survive much longer. Going down to my parents and dealing with things will mean boarding the dogs. Neither dog has been boarded before since living with us. I'm nervous how the boys will be when they get picked up. I'm afraid that they will think that they are being abandoned when I drop them off at the doggy country club.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why have a dishwasher? A Wally is better

Wally decides to clean the dishes.

Wally climbs deeper into the dishwasher.

Floppy Ears

Bean is happy.

Wally and Bean love to help me with chores. They both clean the floor while I'm cooking. Wally than helps with the dishes lol.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Dh took off from work this past fri. and took me out to lunch. When we returned we discovered that the boys had knocked over a bottle of beer. I'm grateful that the glass didn't shatter. I noticed that Bean was being really snarky with Wally, wonder if it had anything to do with the beer?

Dh said that the boys spotted a fox one evening last week. Dh had a hard time convincing them that it was bedtime and not fox hunting time. Both boys really wanted that fox.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bean takesover Wally's couch

Wally offers to guard the food for my ladies get together.

Bean doesn't like that it has started to rain.

Wally wants to play ball.

Bean was asserting his alpha status by sitting on Wally's sofa. If Wally tried to approach Bean would do his little snarly face. Wally finally went and sat with his Daddy on a chair.

Wally loves toddlers. If we meet kids walking around the lake he will approach their strollers. If the parents are friendly and stop Wally will try to climb into the stroller to say hi. One toddler was laughing and patting Wally's snout. I only let Wally poke his nose at kids if the parents seem really comfortable having their kid pet a dog.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

fall days

The boys look at the fall leaves.

The boys did ok with my son's friend watching them on Sunday. The house was just like we had left it. When we pulled up the dogs we're not barking. When Wally 1st came home I never envisioned that I would be able to leave him for 12 hours uncrated.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dog Sitter

Tomorrow will be the first time that we will have a sitter come in since Wally has come home. Bean has had a sitter before when it was just himself and Oscar. I'm really nervous since Wally has never been away from us more than a few hours. The few times that dh & I have taken a day trip our son was home to watch the dogs. This time all 3 of us will be going away tomorrow.

We're making a quick trip to my parent's house. My dad is in the hospital and the prospects of him surviving this stay are not good. My sisters are coming down from VT. so this will be the 1st time that all 3 of us have been down at the same time in about 16 years. I've come to terms a with my dad's health along time ago because he has survived quite a few times when the doctors had told my mom to gather the family.

The guy watching the dogs, "J" knows Bean really well. He has met Wally before and interacts pretty good with him. "J" has been a friend of our son's since they we're 5 years old. My son is 17 and "J" is 18. "J" has a very strong willed dog himself so will be able to handle Wally. "J's" dog is a little shorter than Wally but very stocky and probably weighs about twice as much.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Wally tolerates a folded hankie.

Bean is an Angry Orioles fan.

I was going to try a couple of different costumes for the boys but after experimenting with one decided that was enough. I think that the boys would have tried to hide from me if I tried to do more. One idea I had was Wally as the Big Bad Wolf (I thought the hankie would help as the wolf decised as Gramma) and Bean as Little Red Riding Hood.

The boys let us know when trick-o-treaters arrived.