Monday, July 30, 2007

Been Apethetic

Wally lays on the tile to cool off after his walk.

Bean is definitely Mommy's boy.

I apologize for being apathetic about keeping up my doggy blog this summer. The boys have been really good and have been a great source of comfort. I love how Bean snuggles with me at night. Dh complains that i get Wally's back snuggled against me while he gets Wally's paws poking him all night. I like this arrangement. :)

The neighbor was telling dh how cute it is when she walks by our house. Apparently Wally sits on the dining room table and watches the neighborhood, he will bark at people when they pass our window.

It's hard to believe that ds turned 18 on the 27th of this month.

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Dad Passed Away

My dad passed away last month. Dh & I have been busy shuttling back and forth to my parents house to plan the service, help my mom with chores, etc.

Wally was a huge comfort to my dad. A few weeks before my dad died Wally and Bean came along for a visit. Wally followed my dad everywhere, than laid down with him on the sofa. My dad jokingly asked us to leave Wally with him. My mom would have freaked, she's not very big on having dogs in her house. She made an exception this one time because the trip was made at the last minute, too late to get a kennel or sitter.

Bean and Wally are learning how to walk properly. The boys are doing well except when they see the ground hog, than their noses take over.

Wally jumps through a hoop.

Bean barks at some critter.