Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bike Run in

Both boys on the sofas and mom on the floor.

Daddy gives Wally belly rubs. Wally is protecting his parrot with his paw.

I was walking the boys around the lake today, we we're having a good time enjoying the cooler weather. Bean's leash got tangled so I was bent over untangling him. I finished the job and as I stood up I saw a bicycle about 3 feet in front of me coming straight towards me. The guy made no attempt to avoid us, the dogs panicked and tangled me in their leashes. The dogs ran for the bank pulling me with them and knocking me over. The biker seemed mildly concerned but kept on riding. I'm lucky, I just skinned my knee and elbow.

I don't understand how the biker could be that close to me and not see me, He also made no attempt to slow down. If the dogs hadn't yanked me the biker would have run right over me. I almost wonder if he was deliberately trying to run me over, some bikers do not want to share the paths with pedestrians and dogs.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Loyal Dogs

Wally poses by his tree.

This is typical of the boys: going in opposite directions.

Last night dh and I we're having, lets say a "lively" discussion. Bean came up to me and Wally laid down beside dh. Bean was glaring at dh and Wally was glaring at me. It's funny about the dogs taking sides.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bean you Tease

Wally looks happily down the trail.

Bean has been teasing Wally with the toys. Bean's latest trick is to collect all the toys, put them in a pile and guard them from Wally. Bean actually took Wally's parrot and added it to the pile, than sat on it. Poor Wally, the parrot is like his child. I'm surprised that Bean was able to get the parrot from Wally.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wally and Cat

This entry is a rambling vent.

This evening I was walking the boys back from the lake to our house. As we came off the trail and onto the sidewalk of our community (I'm glad the adjacent court next to ours) Wally spotted a cat. He immediatly started barking and running after the cat. At first I didn't see the cat. As soon as I realized what was going on I pulled Wally back. The cat ran into it's house. I think that it was dumb of the lady that owned the cat to leave her door propped open. Lots of people walk the lake trail every day and her house is adjacent to the lake. Before I get flamed I want to clarify that I love cats. I grew up with a huge cat. I had two cats before getting my dogs. Unfortunatley I have bad allergies to cats so can no longer have one, otherwise I would have cats too.

Bean was annoyed at Wally for going after the cat and started to chastize him. Wally growled back. At this point the cat lady opens her door and gives me a dirty look with her hands on her hip. I told her that the dogs did spy the cat and chased it for about 2 feet. The lady than asked me in a not so nice voice if the boys we're on leashes. I told her "Yeah" in a sarcastic voice: how she could miss that I was holding 2 leashes is beyond me. She than watched me the whole way up the side walk with her hands on her hip until I turned to go to our court.

I'm really annoyed and probably overreacted but the cat lady needs to realize the most dogs bark at cats. Also, cats are not suppossed to be out not leashed or tagged. If she lets her cat wander she has a rude surprise because there are dog walkers that walk their dogs not on leashes around the lake. This lady is a new renter, the people who lived there before her we're really nice.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bean holds a grudge

Bean was mad at me for giving Wally lots of attention tonight. I gave Wally lots of belly rubs, apparently to long for Beans taste. When I went to pet Bean he gave me a small grr, than moved a chair. Bean than kept glaring at me. He would not come to me when I would call him. Dh called him and Bean immediatly went over to him and laid down for belly rubs. Bean would than take quick looks at me to make sure that I was watching lol. The majority of belly rub time he wouldn't acknowledge me.

Bean definately thinks that Wally is primarily Dh's dog. It's funny because Bean doesn't mind me giving Wally belly rubs at bed time.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just a Dog, Not!!!

The boys enjoy the shade on a hot day.

Dh and I attended a concert put on by one of his colleagues at the lake front. I debated taking the dogs along. During intermission I was talking to a lady from dh's office. I commented that I should have brought the boys along (there we're other dogs present). The lady commented that her family has a dog but she tries to pretend that it doesn't exist !!!???? She than goes on in an I'm telling you a secret voice, "you know, it's just a dog." The lady kept saying this. I finally said that my boys are not just dogs, they are members of the family and to me they are my children.Why bother having a dog if you want to pretend that it doesn't exist?

Wally was being extra cuddly last night. It's so cute when he gives you doggy hugs.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bean faces

The boys take dh for a walk.

Bean is hot, his ears are pulled in.

Wally guards his parrot from dh.

Bean reminds me of a preschooler. He will make snarly faces at Wally. If I ask him what he is doing he will give me an innocent "who me?" look. Bean teases Wally with the snarl face if he thinks that no one is looking.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Peek-a-boo Bean

Dh caught Bean chewing on something, I think it was a sock. Dh said "Beanie, what are you doing?" in a stern voice. Bean immediatly ran and hid behind me. He than peered at dh around my back.

Bean has finally forgiven me for dog sitting last week. He is finally snuggling again. Last week he would smell the other dog on me and turn his back to me. This little hound can sure hold a grudge.

Bean also managed to get a hold of Wally's talking parrott. Wally guards this parrott with his life. Bean was teasing poor Wally by carrying the parrott around and making it talk. Later in the evening dh tried to take a picture of Wally with his parrott. He reached towards Wally to arrange the parrott and Wally immediatly put both of his front paws and chest across the parrott.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


My handsome boys.

Last night while getting into bed I noticed that Wally had a rash on his belly going to his hind legs where the hair gets really thin. I panicked and woke up dh so that he could have a look. Dh was very grumpy about being woken up, but I'll do anything to insure that everything is okay when it comes to my babies. Dh thought that the rash looks like bug bites. I tried to see if Bean had a rash too but he was laying on his stomach.

I noticed today that Wally has faint traces of the rash. Bean also has a few rash spots. I think that the boys must have picked up a few bug bites. If the rash seems to bother the dogs tomorrow I will call the vet.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Tonight the boys spotted a cat. Wally immediatly started barking and Bean did his baying and cry that sounds like he is hurt (to the unknowing you would swear that he is crying in pain). Both boys really wanted the cat. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was daytime, unfortunately it was the bedtime walk.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dog Sitting and a Stray

I have been dog sitting this week for a family that are good friends of ours. The family has tried the neighbors before. Unfortunately the dog is very touchy and won't let many people come into the house if his people aren't around. Apparently he doesn't warm up to many people. I'm one of the few people that can walk in without the dog's family being home and get a friendly doggy greeting complete with tail wags and doggy kisses. Dh drops me off around bedtime, my son picks me up in the morning on his way home from cross country practice. I than go over around 4 pm and stay until about 6 pm.

Bean has been very upset with me. Today he wouldn't sit in his normal spot right next to me. He took over Wally's sofa and laid with his back to me the whole afternoon.

Yesterday I took the boys down by the lake and up a trail that follows a stream. We encountered what at first I thought was a deer. As we got closer I realized that it was a dog about the same size as Wally. The dog followed us home and came right in. Bean would not let the dog upstairs into the main level. The dog had a half choke collar with no tags. When I grabbed his collar to attach a leash the collar slid right off. I used Wally's racing harness and looped Beans leash through insuring that the dog wouldn't be able to break loose. I than walked the dog over to the vet. I called the vet today. I was told that they had called Animal Control to see if anyone reported a dog missing with the same description. They we're told no. An. Control called back in an hour saying someone just called to report a dog missing with that description. The owner picked up his dog. The vet chastised him for not having any identification on the dog. The dog wasn't micro-chipped either.