Saturday, April 29, 2006

Piggy Bean

Dh and I went to DC today and saw the Pandas at the zoo. We met a nice group of people there from a board that I frequent. One lady was kind enough to get us tickets to view the baby Panda. It was fun watching the zoo keeper play with the Panda. I want that job.

Our son stayed home with the dogs. This is the longest that we've ever been away from Wally (about 10 hours). He didn't eat his food so Bean promptly ate his own (1 cup) and Wally's (2 cups). The boys get fed twice a day. This means that little piggy Bean had 4 cups of food today. He does look bloated.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pillow Flinging

A foggy morning sometime last week.



Wally and Bean customized another pillow for me. They managed to take off the pillow case, chew up the liner and pull out the foam. There were bits of foam pieces every where. Wally likes to take fling the pillows off of the bed. I have to put the pillows up out of reach when I get up in the mornings.

The boys met a Jack Russell Terrier today. They also got to rub noses with a Beagle mix.

One lady that we see everyday at the lake asked me if I get tired of walking the dogs. I told her no, we take our time. She commented that she wouldn’t have the patience to walk a dog everyday. The dogs love to sniff and it’s a lot of fun seeing what catches their attention. Sometimes their noses lead us to icky stuff, once a dead squirrel and a dead fish.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Snobby People

For some reason there seemed to be a bunch of people with horrible attitudes at the lake today. There's usually a few people with an attitude but today took the cake. Yes, I do know the sex of my dogs. One person kept insisting that Wally must be a female and that Bean must be "her" son. I told her that they we're 2 different breeds and that they are both males. She walked away shaking her head muttering that I obviously don't know what I'm talking about. There was a workman who parked his truck on the bridge which was the only way to get across the bottom part of the lake. There was not enough space to walk around the truck. He seemed quite amused to have the power to block the path. He finally moved it when there was a log jam of bikers and walkers and another workman came along and yelled at him.

Poor Wally really wanted to go swimming today. He saw to large labs out in the water and was whining and pulling towards the water. I really wish that I could let him off leash to swim.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Poor Bean

I haven't been writing as much because it's very sad here without Oscar. It is much to quiet. Here is a picture of Oscar sitting on Wally's sofa taken sometime in January of '06.

It was thundering and lighting this evening. Bean was shaking. I petted him and comforted him as best I could.

Wally will sit without being told for treats and feeding time.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Prom night

Wally helps our son read his book.

It figures, the weather was sunny and warm all week except for today. Tonight is the highschool prom for my son's school. The weather is cool and rainy.

Son and prom date. I'm so envious of her pretty hair.

Son and his friends. The lake in the back ground is where I walk the dogs every day.

Wally managed to escape from his crate. Dh and I went to our son's friend's house to take prom pictures. We we're gone for about an hour. Oddly enough Wally didn't get into anything. Wally tried to help me bake cookies today. He was very willing to test them for me.

Bean was annoyed with me because I sat next to Wally on Wally's couch. Bean will hold a grudge and won't let me pet him if he feels that Wally got to much attention (which is more than one pet lol).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

So proud of my boys

This is the picture that I promised yesterday. Wally was very displeased about going to the vet. I stole the picture from dh's blog.

Dh and I started to make the bed. The boys had other ideas.

The boys behaved beautifully down at the lake making me a very proud mamma. There was a little girl about 4 years old that wanted to pet the dogs. She was not very gentle. She patted Wally on the head, than pulled his ears. I had to tell her not to pull his ears. Wally looked unhappy but he never made any kind of warning noise, he endured the attention. The girl next turned her attention to Bean. She did the exact same treatment to Bean. Bean reacted the same way as Wally. I started to pull my boys away. The girl then pulled Wally’s tail. Wally turned his head and looked at her but that was his only reaction. Bean hates having his nubby tail touched. Wouldn’t you know, the girl then pulled Bean’s tail. Bean started to turn around and when he realized that it was a child he ignored her and let her continue petting him. The mother explained that they had a Beagle that let her get away with everything. Unfortunately they just put the dog down. Apparently the girl gets very excited when she sees a Beagle. She thought that Wally was a big Beagle.

The boys saw the groundhog and gave him a good chase. They both actually put their heads down the hole that the groundhog ran into. I pulled them away because I didn’t want them to get bitten if the groundhog felt cornered.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wally Vet visit

Wally was not happy about going to the vet for his physical and shots. As soon as dh and I got him inside the vet's Wally refused to climb the stairs to the main part of the office. He turned around and bolted towards the door. Wally needed to be updated on everything. He weighs 53 pounds. The vet said that he could gain a few more pounds but he looks good as he is. He got lots of attention, the vet staff was mentioning how they rarely see Wally's breed up this way. Dh took a picture of Wally looking mad at us after bringing him home. I will post the picture tomorrow after downloading from the camera.

There was a guy that had caught a lot of fish down at the lake. Bean was really interested in the fish. He was trying to pull me off of the path and go to the fish. Wally found some teddy grahms that a kid dropped.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Yucky Wally

Wally decided to roll in a pile of leaves today. I can’t help but wonder what was decomposing. This is the first time that Wally has rolled around in muck. Oscar was very fond of doing this.

Wally was playing keep away from Bean tonight. Wally was running around with a ball and Bean was chasing him and would try to grab the ball. If Bean got the ball he would squeak it, than the boys would start the game over.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pictures from Yesterday

I got dh to download the pictures that he took yesterday.

Bean is interested in something.

Bean looks curious.

Wally is checking something out.

Wally jumps into the water to go wading.

Wally enjoys the sunbeam.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Dh and I took Bean and Wally to the Patuxent Environmental Area to hike. Wally enjoyed wading in the stream. As we we’re leaving the stream we noticed Bean limping. Bean would limp, than stop and lick his front right paw. I looked at his paw and didn’t see anything. We went a little further and I looked again. Bean had a small thorn stuck between his paw pads. It was very light colored and difficult to see. After pulling the thorn out Bean returned to his normal ornery self. I will get dh to download the pictures tomorrow.

Wally was so cute tonight. He was laying on our bed spread out across every pillow. Dh and I use 2 pillows each. Wally managed to arrange them to his liking.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Iffy weather

Bean enjoying himself.

Wally is hot on the trail.

Sigh, once again we we’re going to take the dogs to Assateague to hunt for sea shells. Wally would love the beach. Alas, the weather called for scattered thunderstorms. We didn’t want to chance driving for 2.5 – 3 hours and have the weather be nasty.

We did take the boys on the local trails here to their favorite sniffing spots. There we’re 2 sets of geese honking angrily at the boys. Wally once again led dh through the icky black mud. The boys know who is on the other end of the leash. When I take the boys to the marshy area they don’t try to pull me into the mud. They’re happy to sniff the perimeter of the marshy area. They must sense that dh doesn’t mind going through all kinds of icky stuff.

I caught myself looking for Oscar. The house is much to quiet without him.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baby Turtle

Today on our lake walk we ran across a baby turtle about the size of a quarter. The poor thing was lying in the middle of the path. I was afraid that it might get run over by a biker or stepped on by people walking around the lake. A lot of people don't look down. The boys and I put the turtle on a log in the water.

Dh was walking the boys after work when they met a squirrel. For some reason the squirrel kept following them. Unfortunately the squirrel got to close. Bean pounced and killed the poor thing. Dh managed to get it out of Bean’s mouth. As soon as Bean dropped the squirrel Wally snatched it up. Wally was able to fit the whole squirrel in his mouth. Dh could not get Wally to open his mouth. A lady saw what was happening and came out to help. Between the two of them they managed to get the squirrel out. Luckily Wally only swallowed some fur. Dh was afraid that Wally would try to swallow the whole squirrel to keep dh from getting it. Dh immediately called the vet to make sure that the boys didn’t need any extra medicines or vaccinations, luckily for the most part squirrels don’t pose much of a problem.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Dh and the boys.

Wally wants to explore.

Both Bean and Wally love to explore. Dh took Bean out by himself yesterday and decided to let him follow his nose. Bean led dh on a wild goose chase. Wally gets really low to the ground when he finds an interesting scent.

Wally ran 5 miles with dh tonight. It’s so cute, Wally insists on belly rubs before getting out of bed. He and Bean are starting to play more. They like to play chase down the hallway, through the living room to dining room, through the kitchen and back down the hallway.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Boat Anchor

Today Bean decided to do his boat anchor act. There is a trail that splits near the dam by at the bottom end of the lake. One trail is steep, the other more gentle. The boys like the steep trail. Bean found an interesting scent and refused to budge. When he gets stubborn it’s like trying to move a boat anchor. He refused to move so I had to pull him to get him up the hill. It made for an amusing scene for the bystanders. Bean and I we’re getting lots of chuckles. Luckily Wally was cooperating.

Wally went running with dh after work. Dh likes having a running partner. Wally is very good about left and right. He is also doing well sitting for his meals. When he first came home I would never have imagined him being very patient in regards to food. Now he sits and waits for me to put his bowl down.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nature Trail

HRH (His Royal Highness) Bean did not want to cross the stream. I had to carry him across.

Wally wades in the stream. The yellow blob at the top is a Kayak. He and Bean both barked at the kyaker.

The boys share my Ritas. They alternated getting a spoonful.

Today was a nice day to walk a nature trail. The boys had a lot of fun sniffing. It figures though, their favorite part was sharing my Ritas.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Too Quiet

Oscar 1994-2006

It has been to quiet around the house. Bean and Wally aren't barkers. The boys have sniffed every room in the house looking for Oscar. Dh took them outside and they sniffed all around the house and back yard. Dh said that the boys we're on a mission. They rushed to the path that Oscar usually takes and insisted on sniffing the path trying to find him.

I've gotten a lot of support from various sites that I post to, thank you everyone.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Oscar - I'll see you in Heaven

Jan 1994-April 07, 2006

Oscar, you got me through some tough times. You we're always there for me, you knew when I needed comfort. I love you and will see you in heaven.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

3 at once

Today I walked all 3 boys at the same time down to the lake. The boys did really well together. I noticed that people seem to get nervous when they see you walking 3 dogs at once.

Wally customized dh's pillow. I forgot to shut the bedroom door and when I went upstairs to get something I saw the pillow. Wally had the stuffing out and a nice sized hole on the one end. It was about time for dh to get a new pillow anyway.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Wally's sofa-Bean gets on whenever he pleases. I sat down next to Wally so Bean had to climb up.

Bean's sofa. Wally has permission from Bean to use his sofa. Bean can give Wally a certain look and Wally will immediatly jump off Bean's sofa.

I woke up last night because the bed was shaking a little and there was very loud snoring. It turns out that Bean had his head on dh’s arm snoring like a freight train. I looked over and dh was awake too. We both had to laugh. Wally was snoring too but he isn’t very loud. Oscar doesn’t snore.

It was nice walking the dogs around the lake today. It was windy but warm outside. There was hardly anyone else walking which I like. Wally went running with dh later. They met a little Beagle named Wally.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Dh and the boys

Oscar and Wally

Bean and Wally explore an animal's den.

Wally arooos, he has found a scent.

Both Bean and Wally have gotten quite vocal on their walks. Now that the weather is warmer there are rabbits every where and the scent of them drive the boys crazy. Dh was saying that they discovered a fox's den yesterday and the boys we're really interested. They pulled him through the brambles, he said that they almost pulled him off of his feet because they we're so excited.

I took Bean and Wally down to the other end of the lake to watch my husband race. He belongs to a running group that has a weekly race series. The location rotates and this week it was within walking distance and the weather was too nice not to go.