Sunday, October 21, 2007


We have had some work done on our house. So far new kitchen cabinets, painting - kitchen and basement. Next will be tile and carpet. The boys have been really good with the various contractors coming in and out of the house. I can leave Bean in the house while I go to work but not Wally, he would get underfoot in the kitchen trolling for food. I took Wally to work with me the other day and realized that he had paint on his ear.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Walk For Paws

Wally plays one of his favorite games with his Daddy.

Wally with a nice big smile.

My two boys.

Bean looks like he is planning mischief.

Last Sat. was Walk for Paws which raises money for dogs. The boys had a great time sniffing around and trying out the agility equipment. Being hounds they managed to find every piece of hot dog, no matter how minute the pieces.

Wally and Bean enjoy their evening runs with Daddy. Bean usually does the warm up or cool down since we don't want him to injure his hip (it was dislocated when he was hit by a car). Wally on the other hand loves the 5-6 mile runs.

Wally was a great comfort the other day. He knew that I wasn't feeling well so he came over and laid down next to me resting his head on my back and put his paw across me in a hug position.