Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lots of Christmas Treats

Wally and Bean went with us to Grandma's for Christmas. Usually the only treats the boys get are kibble, and for very serious training sessions cheese and hot dogs. Dh and I relaxed a little bit and let Grandma give the boys some scraps.

The boys got nyla bones in their stockings. Of course each one wanted the other one's bones-sigh. Wally got a stuffed squirrel and Bean received a stuffed snake from the lady that owns the business where I work. As soon as Bean got distracted Wally went and stole the snake. Wally loves any toy that makes noise. Bean doesn't place as much value on toys as Wally.

The boys also supervised Christmas preparations. They we're very willing to try and sample the cookies that I made. Dh had to block off a room so that I could cool and decorate the cookies. Wally is tall enough to be an effective counter surfer. Bean's hip has healed very well so he is strong enough to rear up and put his paws on the table. We are working on the boy's surfing habits. Wally and Bean we're especially interested in making sure that daddy carved the turkey properly.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Lights

Dh, Wally, Bean and myself went driving around looking at Christmas lights tonight. Some houses had some real elaborate displays. It was cute how when we would stop to look at a house Bean would prop his front paws up on the seat so that he could see the lights.

Wally helped daddy decorate the living room today. Dh would hang a Star Trek/Star Wars ornament up and push the button. Wally would prick his ears and look very interested at the sayings or noises that the ornaments made.

Wally Pics

Wally helps Mommy tat a snowflake.

Wally is doing his sit stay.

Wally is giving a happy aroo on the upper bridge that goes across his lake.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Drive Finally Working: Bean Pics

Bean and Mommy

Bean inspects the Dock Area

It looks like rain.

Will Publish Wally pictures tomorrow.

Friday, December 07, 2007

want to update pics

I wanted to add some pictures of Wally and Bean. For some reason my portable drive is not being recognized, ugh.

Wally and Bean are both walking nicely on leash. Today Wally was walking right beside me with rarely a pull. Bean started walking beside me more consistently a few months ago.

The boys had a private lesson with the lady who owns the dog business where I work. She has been training dogs for a very long time. One suggestion was to walk the dogs separately and to stop completely when Wally surges ahead. Another suggestion that is working was to interact with each dog separately; she noticed that Bean has more of a personnel space issue than Wally. Apparently Bean is very tolerant of Wally, gives Wally a few warnings that he is invading his space. Bean gets really snappish when Wally decides not to take the hint. The trainer also noticed that Wally will use his size to invade Bean's space, something that I had never noticed before.

I love how quickly the boys learn and how each have their own distinct personalities.