Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Harness

Mommy's boys. I love the smile on Wally's face.

Wally got a custom made flyball harness. It fits him beautifully. The lady who made it for him even embroidered his name on the front. I will get some pictures of him wearing it in action. Wally is doing well learning the box turns. We do need to work on ignoring distractions.

Wally's daddy is so funny. Daddy needed to go out of town for almost a week. He was so worried about me not giving Wally his medicine that he wrote down the times on the calendar. I never thought that hubby would get so attached to a dog. Wally his definitely Daddy's boy.

Bean has been very impish lately. He has been investigating everything lately. His favorite trick is to empty the laundry basket.