Monday, April 21, 2008

Wally's Den

A few nights ago I was watching tv. I noticed Bean on his sofa but didn't see Wally. I looked around the living room and no Wally. I went upstairs, no Wally, the same with the basement. I called Wally and received no response. At this point I'm starting to panic wondering what could have happened to the dog. I was the only one home and hadn't gone outside that evening.

Bean followed me around while looking for Wally. When we reached the kitchen I gave Bean a treat. Wally heard me opening the treat jar and came running. I realized that he came from the direction of the living room. I watched Wally take his treat and go behind his sofa. I looked behind the sofa and there we're a bunch of toys stashed there and Wally snug as a bug.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rude People

My boys we're very good for their noon time walk. They both stayed at my side. We saw a guy coming towards us walking 2 labs that we're pulling at the ends of their leashes clearly out of control. One of the labs got into Wally's face a few times and Wally was an angel and didn't respond. The third time that the dog bugged Wally Wally decided that he had enough. He gave the dog a "woo woo." The guy gets into Wally's face and says, "not nice" in a commanding tone. I gave him a dirty look. There we're a lot of other people around the lake laughing at the guy pointing out that his dog was the one out of control. I don't have much tolerance for people that are rude to my dogs.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Bean guards his Nylabone.

Wally enjoys chewing his nylabone.

Wally helps mommy with a puzzle.

Dh took the boys on a run yesterday. At the lake the boys spotted a herd of deer. Once the boys caught the scent is was a chase with baying and howling.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Apology-lost comments

If you made comments in the month of March or April this year for some reason they did not post. I would like to apologize and request that you comment again. I will try to figure out why comments are not posting and see if I can recover lost comments.

Thanks everyone.


I think it's funny that dh complains about the dogs taking up a lot of room in the bed. The ironic thing is, if Wally decides to party with the teenagers instead of going to bed dh complains that he can't fall asleep because Wally isn't in bed.