Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Couch Puppies

Bean and Wally tree a squirrel.

Wally relaxes on his sofa.

Bean gets pets.

Bean relaxes on his sofa.

It seems like the grumpy people have decided that it's the season to walk around the lake. Now that the weather is nicer the more the lake is crowded with people starting up their exercise programs. I think that exercise is great, I also think that there is a certain amount of give and take that people need to practice.

Wally walked right up to a stroller and let the toddler pat his nose and head. The kid even put his hands around Wally's snout. The parents thought that it was great that Wally was making their kid laugh. Wally stayed very still the whole time and wagged his tale. Bean was busy getting attention from the mom.

Wally howled for the 1st time last night since he has lived with us. I was taking their boys for their early evening walk and they spotted a squirrel.

Tonight I caught Bean standing on a chair with his paws on the kitchen table. This is the first time that I've caught him in the act. I wouldn't be surprised if Bean does this when noone is home.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Bean managed to catch a rabbit today. Dh decided to walk the boys under the power lines since the area had been recently mowed. Dh had a hard time convincing Bean to drop the rabbit. Dh also had to be careful that Wally didn't snatch the rabbit up. So far for Bean this makes a squirrel and a rabbit caught while on a leash. I hate to think how many critters Bean would catch if he we're off leash.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Beagle Bash Photos

Getting kisses from a real cutie.

Bean follows a pretty lady Beagle.

Wally makes some new friends.

The cutie who stole my chair and gave me kisses stole my heart. I think that he was one of the Beagles available for adoption. If I had room for another Beagle I would have adopted this little guy.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Beagle Bash

Wally played in the pool the whole time.

Beagles know when someone has food.

One cutie stole my chair.

I love how friendly these Beagles are. Doggy hugs are the greatest.

The boys have done a lot of socializing this weekend. Sat. we went to the annual festival held down by the lake that we live by. The boys visited a lot of booths. One kid was blowing a horn which got Wally very excited.

Sun. we went to Beagle Bash. Wally got to be an honorary Beagle. Bean didn't socialize very much, he mostly stuck by my side. Wally on the other hand was a flirt. There we're two ladies that worked at the kennel where the event was held that enjoyed throwing toys for Wally to fetch in the pool. Once Wally went into the pool he didn't come out until it was time to go home. He swam for almost 2 hours. Dh and I we're amazed by his stamina.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Down the Hill

Yesterday afternoon the ground was still wet from the rain. I decided to take Wally and Bean down the trail that goes to the viewing area of the dam. Both boys spotted a groundhog at the bottom and pulled me on my butt down the hill of the dam.

Wally loves his daily game of ball with me. I tell him to go get his ball (tennis ball) than tell him that "I'm going to get the ball." Wally than "runs away" from me. I steal the ball from him, than throw it, than we start again. The other day I knocked my head really hard into a chair while stealing the ball. I had to lay down for a while. Poor Wally was really worried. He got his ball and dropped it very gently on the sofa next to my hand. I tossed the ball and Wally was content to play gentle for the afternoon. Dogs are so compassionate.

Bean has been a little imp. Yesterday I heard a crash in the kitchen. Bean had knocked over the dog food container, gotten the lid off and was dragging the container into the hallway.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wally Lectures Us

Wally rest his head on Daddy's leg.

Wally's favorite position. He is happiest when he is on Daddy. I found this picture while looking through some old files, there is a very similar picture that I posted last April.

Tonight was our son's 1st cross country race of the season. Dh picked me up and we we're gone from around 3pm until 7pm. Wally was very displeased and lectured us for about 10 minutes. He arooos/barks in an indignant way. He wouldn't let his Daddy pet him until after dinner. Bean gets mad when we leave but is happy when we return. Bean will hold a grudge if we go out a second time.

We had a major breakthrough and I can't believe that I forgot to mention it. Last weekend dh dissasembled Wally's crate. We had been leaving Wally out with Bean when we go out. We started off with short times, than took some longer errands. Each time returned the house would be exactly as we left it. I believe Wally wants to prove to us that he doesn't need to be crated. During the summer Wally has proven that he can be trusted in the house. I was a little afraid that the boys might wrestle but there has been no indication that that has happened. Wally is turning into a well behaved dog.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just like toddlers

Wally wore out his talking parrot, actually the voice box still works. Wally has managed to rip out all of the stuffing and the voice box fell out. I gave Wally a talking duck. Wally loves making it quack. A few minutes later I gave Bean a talking cow. Wouldn't ya know it, Wally wanted the cow. Bean got annoyed and stole the duck and guarded it along with the cow. Sometimes these two remind me of toddlers.

On our lake walk today we met the cutest little Beagle. She made Bean seem really tall. The little Beagle's person said that she is a Brew Beagle. He was happy to hear that Bean and Wally are both rescues. The guy said the Bean has the sweetest face. He doesn't know what an imp that Bean can be.

Wally got very indignant with me last night when I told him that it was sleepy time. I got in bed to read a book but Wally insisted on Belly rubs. :) I rubbed his belly for about 15 minutes, than told him that it was time for sleep. Wally poked his snout in my face than gave me some indignant gr grrs. I'm so happy that Wally loves belly rubs. He also insist that I give him belly rubs 1st thing in the morning.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pillow Hog

Wally is hogging all 4 pillows.

Wally resting his head on all of the pillows.

Dh went to get into bed a few nights ago and discovered that Wally was hogging all 4 pillow. Wally didn't want to move either to give dh his pillows lol. I don't mind sharing pillows with Wally.

The boys didn't like the rain this weekend. One afternoon it was raining very hard around dinner time. The boys ran out, did their thing on the front lawn and made a beeline for the door. When it was time for their bedtime walk the boys tried to hide, they did not want to go out in the torrential rain.

Today we ran into a Bassett hound and 2 Beagles. Dh said that he and Wally saw two more Beagles during their run. Dh and Wally ran 4.5 miles today.